When your skin has been scarred – perhaps from surgery, a burn, a hair transplant or an accident – you may find that your hair follicles don’t grow back on the scar, leaving you with visible scarring and a lack of hair. Scars can be very hard to conceal too and it can be difficult to find solutions that match your skin tone. 


This is where SMP can help; providing you with hyper-realistic hair follicles that conceal and camouflage your scars, and give you the appearance of thicker hair. Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a revolutionary procedure that involves micro-needles being used to carefully apply pigment to your scalp, concealing scars and hair loss on your head. 


Here at Scalp Aesthetics, we provide SMP to those suffering from hair loss – including our clients with scarring that has resulted in limited hair regrowth. We work from our state-of-the-art clinic in Ireland, where our team of world-leading practitioners transform our client’s hair and provide them with a simple, yet effective solution for their hair loss needs. 


How can SMP Help With Scarring?


SMP can be used to disguise any scars that you have on your head and provide you with the look of fuller and denser hair. Your hair can have a big impact on the way you feel about yourself, and greatly affect your confidence and self-esteem which is why SMP is so beneficial. 


This non-surgical treatment can be used to help camouflage scars of all shapes and sizes, and it can help to transform the lives of both men and women who are suffering from hair loss due to scarring.


Why is SMP so Effective for Scarring?


SMP is a very effective option for covering scars as it doesn’t damage or change your natural hair growth – the pigment is only tattooed onto your scalp. This pigment will give you the look of thicker and fuller hair, hiding any patchy areas where your hair hasn’t grown back over scarring. It can help to reduce the visibility of scars on your head too and give you back the confidence that you need. 


SMP is a treatment with long-term results and injecting pigment into the skin will create the illusion of hair on your scalp, covering your scars perfectly. 


Who is SMP Suitable for?


SMP is suitable for all kinds of scarring – whether your scar is from an injury, accident, burn, surgery, or previous hair transplant. No matter how big or small your scar is, what shape it is or where it is on your scalp, SMP can be a great solution. 


This tattoo treatment can benefit anyone, it’s popular for both men and women, and people of all ages. SMP can be used for people of any skin tone or hair colour too, and your SMP practitioner will match the colour and hues of the pigment to your hair colour and skin tone to provide you with a natural-looking result. 


How can SMP Benefit You?


SMP is the perfect way to bring back your confidence when you have a noticeable scar and it can help you to feel more like yourself again. Using pigment to create the appearance of hair follicles will stop you from having to hide your scars under wigs and hats or with makeup, and it will help you to feel your best. 


SMP will disguise any scarring, blemishes and hair loss, and give you the look of thick and full hair – without any pain or downtime. You will be back to normal life in no time, with your scars camouflaged and your confidence returned. SMP provides you with a quick and easy solution to conceal your scarring and no one will be able to notice that you have had SMP.

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