SMP For Baldness

Baldness is a natural occurrence that happens to a high percentage of men and it tends to become more common as you get older. Hair loss or hair thinning can begin at any age, and unfortunately, there is no cure for male pattern baldness. However, there is a way you can cover up the areas on your head where you are suffering from hair loss and camouflage the look of your balding scalp using SMP. 

SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation – is a painless procedure that uses a specialist tattooing technique to create the look of a full head of hair. It provides instant results with absolutely no downtime and it’s used to create realistic results for clients no matter their hair loss needs.

Here at Scalp Aesthetics, from our state-of-the-art clinic in Ireland, we work with clients experiencing male pattern baldness to give them their hairline back. Using SMP we can help men, regardless of how much hair loss they’ve experienced, and give them the confidence they need. We understand that suffering from hair loss can be very difficult to handle and overcome, which is why our specialist team aims to help with the use of SMP. 

How can SMP Help With Baldness?


SMP helps to cover up baldness by replicating the natural appearance of real hair follicles on the scalp, giving the illusion of a full head of hair. By using specialised needles and techniques, a practitioner injects pigments into your scalp to give you the look of hair. It’s a non-surgical treatment and is sometimes known as a ‘hair tattoo’, yet the method and equipment used are very different from traditional tattooing. Even though SMP cannot bring your hair back, it will give you the appearance of hair follicles on your head. 


SMP is perfect for anyone suffering from male pattern baldness as it can cover and camouflage any bald spots that you have. It can even create the illusion of a buzz-cut and natural hairline if you have a fully bald head by using tiny layered dots with different hues of pigment that replicate a shadowed look on your scalp. 


Who is SMP Suitable for?


SMP is suitable for everyone and anyone suffering from hair loss problems, including balding. It is suitable for all types of hair colours, skin colours and genders, and a skilled practitioner will use various shades of pigment to create a natural-looking head of hair on your scalp. 


You can have SMP if you are experiencing slight baldness or balding in certain areas, as well as if you’ve lost all of your hair. It will give you a blended, natural look and the illusion that you have hair follicles present on your scalp. 


What Benefits does SMP Provide to People Suffering from Baldness?


SMP can provide people experiencing baldness with a wide range of both physical and emotional benefits, and it can give you the confidence boost that you need. If your hair has a big impact on the way you feel about yourself, you might not be as confident as you used to be without your hair and SMP will help you to feel great about yourself again, giving you the self-confidence that you deserve. 


SMP is also an amazing procedure as it’s non-surgical, so you can go about your day as normal after the treatment and no downtime is required to recover. It also doesn’t take long to complete and you won’t have to spend days preparing for SMP. Although SMP doesn’t cure baldness, it can provide you with a solution that makes you feel your best both inside and out. 

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